The Author

Dr. Thomas Kleine is a photographer and business consultant living in Germany near Hamburg and in Sweden near Borås.

His interest in photography began at the age of fifteen with portraits of his girlfriend and night shots of comets, the Milky Way, nebulae and galaxies.


He originally studied astrophysics and became a scientist. On his first holiday in Norway 40 years ago, Thomas Kleine read an enthusiastic entry of two Frenchmen about their vacation in Lofoten in the guest book of a hut his wife and him were staying in. Two years later he traveled to the Lofoten Islands and the North Cape for the first time. His yearning for the far north had awakened.

With the birth of his two children and the change from science to management functions as a business consultant, the more serious photography had to be put on ice for a while.

For the past 15 years Thomas Kleine and his wife have once again started to explore Scandinavia with a focus on northern Norway to enjoy the landscapes north of the Arctic Circle during various seasons and with different light and weather conditions to capture the beauty of the landscape and inspire people to discover this wonderful part of the earth for themselves.