The Book

This book is primarily a photo book for people who are passionate about the landscape and nature in the far north of Scandinavia, supplemented by numerous practical tips for successful travel both in summer and in winter.

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The 60 mostly double-sided photographs are arranged along a route from southwest to northeast, beginning just north of the Arctic Circle at Saltstraumen to Lofoten, the Vesterålen, Senja, Tromsø, Alta, the North Cape and further east to Nordkinn and Varanger near the Norwegian-Russian border.


The pictures are supplemented in the second part with specific travel suggestions and tips where we give you some ideas based on our experience for planning your trip to the far north: driving routes, traveling times and attractive places that invite you to a short stop or even a stay of several days. It deliberately is not a travel guide in the classical sense, but a suggestion for travel planning. As soon as your travel times and destinations have been determined, you will find all the missing information for the last up-to-date details for your travel planning on the internet.

The book is deliberately not "cost-optimized" but produced in high quality and exposed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive Album (semi-gloss) paper with a Lay-Flat binding (Panorama binding) to make sure that no image information is lost which often is the case with a more conventional binding. 

I would be happy if this website and maybe the whole book inspired you to explore, discover and dream.

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