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Northern Norway

On this page I would like to share my enthusiasm for Norway with you by presenting my book FASZINATION NORDNORWEGEN in pictures and words.


About the book

This book is primarily a photo book for people who are passionate about the landscape and nature in the far north of Scandinavia, supplemented by numerous practical tips for successful travel both in summer and in winter.


About the author

For 40 years my wife and I have been traveling through Scandinavia with a focus on northern Norway to enjoy and photograph the landscape north of the Arctic Circle during different seasons and in various light and weather conditions. I hope that the pictures will inspire you to discover this beautiful piece of earth for yourself.


About the photographs

Buyers of my book can find the descriptions of all pictures under the following link. I hope you enjoy!


About the store

Of course I would be happy if you bought my book and fine-art prints of the pictures in it.